• Advanced Separation Solvents

    PNNL has developed unique capabilities to create solvents with the lowest projected energy requirements for CO2 and other acid gas separations.  The general class of solvents is termed “water lean,” which greatly reduces vaporization and sensible heat duties compared to conventional solvents.  Read More

  • Biofuels and Bio-Product Separations, Biomass Fractionation, Lignin Separation, and Fermentation

    ABPDU hosts different centrifugation units including basket centrifuge, Andritz D2L decanter, Alfa Laval MBPX 404 three-phase disc stack centrifuge, and dead-end centrifuge with 6x2L capacity. Andritz D2L decanter allows rapid solid liquid separation with maximum flow rate of 6 m3/h when separating slurries with 1% (w/w) solid. Alfa Laval DSC can be used for S-L, L-L, & S-L-L separations with maximum 150 L/min throughput. Read More

  • Chemical and Biological Separations

    Argonne has laboratory and pilot-scale system of various membrane separations that include MF,UF RO and selective membrane separations, ceramic membrane contactor (for liquid-liquid extraction), electrochemical ion-exchange membrane separation, ion-exchange resin wafer membrane separations.  Read More

  • Micro-Channel Distillation

    PNNL has unique capabilities in micro-channel-based distillation, with demonstrated heights of a theoretical plate (HETP) of < 3.3 millimeters.  This is nearly two orders of magnitude less than commercial structured packings that report HETP values of 300 to 600 millimeters.  Read More