Membrane Autopsies

Overview Membrane biofouling is a major obstacle in application of membrane processes in purification and separation. We developed tools to evaluate and understand microbial community structure in biofilms formed on membrane materials, as well as the functional interaction between these communities and the membrane surface and operation. These tools enable us to diagnose and predict, and ultimately prevent and control membrane biofouling. Membranes are analyzed both spatially and temporally to track kinetic patterns of biofouling and scaling buildup and hence membrane permeability.
National Laboratory Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Advanced Materials Division
Additional Inforamtion ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces  8, 44, 30271-30280
Fouled membranes








Stages of biofilm formation on the membrane surface (Courtesy of Sehar and Naz, 2016;